Welcome to Bloo Serendipity; the personal icon journal of sweetbloo. Fufufu, thanks for stopping by. O u O Most icons will be from True Blood, Doctor Who, The Dresden Files and SG1. I do take requests, and I'm happy to work with any fandom.

01. Save images and upload them to your own server. I may one day delete a graphic - now, wouldn't that just suck ass? I will not re-upload an image just because you were stealing my bandwidth.

02. Credit is a must. I prefer you to credit blooserendipity, but sweetbloo (my personal journal) is also acceptable. Read here to learn how to link to a user/community.

03. Text-less avatars and banners are not bases unless otherwise stated. Most of the time, though, they're not. When in doubt, ask. (I'll be sure to make it obvious when they are bases, however.)

04. Only post your icon requests in the comment section of this post.

05. Do not redistribute any graphics I post. I worked hard on them, and I'm sharing them out of the kindness of my heart. <3

arrow_new01.gif You may use my icons and pixels anywhere on the web, so long as you link back to blooserendipity. Don't give me a reason to find you! >=O

Posts containing icons eventually become friends locked - though I am far to spastic and busy to actually put an accurate time limit on when they will be locked. No more than five icon posts will be open at a time, however.

"Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy?"

12 Doctor Who avatars featuring the 10th Doctor.
12 Dresden Files avatars featuring Harry Dresden, Bob and Karrin Murphy.
12 True Blood avatars featuring Eric Northman, Pam and Sophie-Anne.

There may be spoilers for each series.

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